Lightning at cafeteria Snackerij Ommen

“The funny thing is, we have not noticed. We arrived in the morning the premises and it was 44 degrees inside. Weird, because normally turn the air conditioning is on. There was no alarm sounded or whatever, “says owner Jolanda Roke. “When we wanted to go ice turning popped everything out. The coolers, checkout, direct cooking, ice machines, everything. ”

After some testing by a technician showed the failure of the icemaker to sit, but which could initially be made ​​until next week. Fortunately, the couple Roke by using a mechanic and could icemaker provisionally repaired. “It works again, but we were fed up soo. Last month went our prepackaged ice freeze it already was finally nice weather, we had no ice and again the same story! ”

“But if you hear that the Anytyme-cafeteria in Overdinkel completely burned, then I have bad luck in our perspective. We then just had no ice cream, but we can at least still further. These people have nothing more, there is really nothing to our suffering. “