Things You Should Know When Placing The Ice Cube Machine

Ice cube machine is a common equipment where you can see in the hotels, supermarket, bar and other business areas where ice is required. Ice cube machine is the important tool which can help us to ensure our business is running smoothly. Therefore, there are many details we should pay attention to after we bought an ice machine. Here in this article we would take the site for placing the ice cube machine for illustration.

  1. Sunshine: If the machine is exposed to the sunshine for a long time, sunshine will cast heat on the ice machine, and if such situation is kept for a long time, the high temperature will result in the bad heat dissipation for the condenser, and then will bring bad effect on the ice production.
  2. Rain: Make sure the ice cube machine will not be exposed to the rain because rain will corrode the machine, and even bring in severe accidents. Although the ice cube machine is made of high quality stainless steel, but it does not sure that it is 100% anti-corrosion. And the machine will also be out of action if the exposed circuit is connected to the water.
  3. Space: You should not place the machine in the crowded area and should leave at least 30cm around the machine and 60cm on the top. And the ventilation condition is very important. Because bad ventilation will shorten the lifespan of the ice cube machine but also will decrease the quality of the ice.

In one word, the place where you put your ice cube machine should be away from the sunshine, rain and should have adequate space with good ventilation condition. Customers will truly appreciate having fresh clean ice. The right one can make all the difference in your food service business. For more information on cube ice machine, please visit AGICO ICE MACHINE which is an educational refrigeration website devoted to helping people understand how to make a good selection when ordering cube ice machine.


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